Richmond Recycling, Inc.

Since 1985, Richmond Recycling has been one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier recycling centers. One of the reasons for our success is we pay TOP DOLLAR for your scrap metals, batteries, converters, appliances, and electric motors.

Each year, billions of tons of valuable metals are discarded. That further depletes our resources and continues to destroy our environment. While our supplies are reduced, the demand rises, and there’s just so much available.

Like Richmond Recycling, Inc., you too can do your part and at the same time, earn extra cash during these financially challenging times.

So, fill up that pickup truck and head on over to Richmond Recycling, Incorporated. We’re located just minutes from i95 and i64.


Catalytic Converters

We pay great prices for your scrap metals! Do you have a catalytic converter that’s ready to recycle? Click here to request a quote by sending us a picture of the catalytic converter you wish to recycle.

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Facts about Recycling

Every day Americans use enough steel to run a steel pipeline from New York to Los Angeles and back to New York. Using recycled steel saves 74% of the energy as opposed to producing them from raw material. On average a little more than 9,000 steel cans are removed from landfills with a magnet every […]

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