How to Sell Scrap Metal - Richmond Recycling, Inc.

How to Sell Scrap Metal

Richmond Recycling will pay cash for your scrap metals. The process is simple and easy!

Step 1: Load all of your scrap metal in a vehicle or onto a trailer.

Richmond Recycling Facility

Step 2: Come to Richmond Recycling during business hours and drive through the main gate toward the scale ramp.

Richmond Recycling Facility

Step 3: When it is your turn drive onto the scale, pull forward, and speak with the attendant. Your vehicle or trailer will be weighed.

Step 4: Drive off the scale towards the unloading zone where you can dump your scrap metal.

Richmond Recycling Facility

Step 5: When you’ve finished unloading your scrap metal, drive your vehicle towards the existing scale. Your vehicle or trailer will be weighed again and you will be compensated for the weight difference.

Richmond Recycling Facility

Specialty items such as Catalytic Converters, Alternators, and Computer Parts can be taken directly to the main building. If you’re unsure if you have any specialty items then ask the attendant when you arrive.

Do you have a Catalytic Converter ready to recycle? Request a Quote to find out what it’s worth!